Expert Agreement

Non Exclusivity

This is a non-exclusive agreement between JigyaQ and the Expert. This means that the expert is free to practice anywhere outside JigyaQ platform and any such practice/service/transaction etc will not be governed by this agreement.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Expert will keep all the communication between expert and users through JigyaQ private and confidential and will ensure all measures that the information should not get exposed to anyone else except the JigyaQ refund panel. Any information that needs to be shared with refund panel needs to happen only through email and no other medium.

Expert Fee

There is an option to set a fee for different question types in the expert profile. The fee that is set there will be displayed on the public profile of the expert and when a user ask a question he/she will be charged that amount for asking that type of question. This Fee is the amount that JigyaQ will receive from the User and this amount will be used to calculate the commission chargeable on that transaction. The payment gateway used to make the payment or the user's bank may add additional charges for processing the payment and any such charge is not included in the Fee. 


JigyaQ will charge a commission per question basis of Rs. 50 or 5% of the Fee amount which the user pay as Fees for asking question, whichever is higher. The rate mentioned above is valid till 31st March 2020. In case a new rate is not informed through an email, the rate mentioned above will hold true beyond that date.

Payout Methods & Timings

JigyaQ will payout the amount due for all the questions answered, that stand undisputed on 25th of every month, by end of the month into the bank account( or Paypal account or any other mode agreed ) provided by the expert if the amount due is more than Rs. 999. If in any month the amount due on 25th date of that month is less than 1000, then this condition will be checked again on 25th day of next month and so on till the amount is more than 999 when the payment will be made.

Signup Fees

There is no signup fees for the expert to register and create their public profile on JigyaQ. Incase a signup fee is announced in future this signup will not be affected due to that and the signup fee will not be charged for this signup/registration.


Expert hereby declares that all information that is provided here while registration is correct and all the information that the expert will use to create his or her public profile is correct to his knowledge. Expert hereby also declares that they have read, understood and now agree with the terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimer and this agreement in his or her full consciousness. Expert herby also declares that they have not earlier entered into any agreement which forbids them to provide their service through JigyaQ. In case they enter into any such agreement it will be their sole responsibility to inform JigyaQ about such event so that JigyaQ can close their account. JigyaQ may however retain the right to store their historical data as it is till whatever time JigyaQ remains in operation.