Response Time

We do NOT promise an instant reply. Once your question is submitted, the expert gets an email informing them that a question has been asked to them and they need to answer it. We cannot guarantee when will the expert be able to go through the question and how much time he or she will take to write down and answer and send it back to you. The time involved depends on a lot of factors beyond our control. But there is a threshold time of 7 days within which the expert need to answer your question otherwise the question will get cancelled automatically and a refund process will be initiated for the Fee amount. Once the refund process is initiated from our end it will depend on the bank's involved for how long it will take the money to get credited back into your account.

Correctness Of Answers

We do not claim for the correctness of the answer that is provided by the expert. The expert can answer only what has been asked and therefore the responsibility to keep the question clear lies with the user who is asking it. The answer provided by the expert should be considered as an opinion and should be used with self judgement and any action that is taken based on the answer should be the sole responsibility of the person using the answer.

Correctness Of Expert Profile

While we make sure that only authentic experts join the platform, we cannot ensure the correctness of the information displayed on expert profile page. Experts have total control over whatever information is shown on the public profile. The changes made in the public profile of expert gets reflected across the platform within a few minutes.